The art of drawing

For any of you who’ve read my self-illustrated books on the Kindle, (Wife Maintenance Quarterly, Wife Maintenance Quarterly II and Sergeant Cuddlington and the War at Sea), you’ll know that my ability to draw is, erm, well, I don’t have one to speak of. I’ve seen cave paintings that put my pictorial art to shame.

With that in mind, and with my inability to draw being one of the things that has bothered me for many, many years now, I am going to teach myself how to draw. Well, I’ve got some how to draw books coming at me in the post, but you get the point. It’s time that I stopped being frustrated at not being able to do something, and actually tried to get on with learning how to do it! Having the disability that I do (brain damage) taught me that there are things that I can’t do because they’re hard, and they require me to put lots of work into, and there are things that I can’t do because the brain damage owns that territory, and I need to stay out of it. Quitting on something because it’s hard isn’t an option I allow myself to take now that there’s so much that I can’t do.

But that’s enough grimly inspirational stuff. I *think* that the drawing thing falls into the “it’s hard” category of activities and that, once I get into it with the books, I’ll be able to learn this stuff (at long last!).

I will post my efforts as they progress. You can look at my current level of workmanship in my books (you can see some of the drawings in the free “Look Inside” samples) to see where I’m up to with it without having tried to properly learn any technique.


I return!

We’ve now popped all the stuff about my books onto a whole new website, so this website, my WordPress, can go back to being a blog, just like my Tumblr (although now that I have the two blogs, I can see that the effective difference in the way that I use them comes down to the fact that some people use one platform and some use the other).

(My new book website is here: